What are wearables?
Let’s start from the beginning, the wearable word comes from English and literally is understood as “wearable” or “carryable”. thus, the term, applied to the technological context, acquires the meaning of “wearable or wearable technology”. The word refers, therefore, to those technological devices of reduced size that are incorporated into our accessories, garments or clothing on a daily basis, or what is the same, those electronic devices that somehow are “integrated” in a part Of the body, interacting continuously with the User: smart glasses, smartwatches, bracelets, sport shoes with built-in GPS… The list is getting more and more Extensive.

The purpose of all these devices is to perform some specific function that facilitates daily life almost without realizing it. And it is that, although it is true that the wearables are booming lately, some have existed for Decades. It is the case of the marine chronometer, the digital wristwatch or the hearing aid, devices that perfectly coincide with the definition of wearable, although a priori we do not consider it.

Advantages and disadvantages of wearables
This type of device has a multitude of advantages. One of the main is that, thanks to its small size, we do not have to carry them in the bag, neither in the hand, nor in the pocket, as would be the case of the smartphone or a laptop. This type of technology goes with the user himself, “joined” to his body as if it were one more part of this, ie that we can take it, literally, Put.

Another advantage of the wearables is that they allow to group, in the same device, different tools of both leisure and work or Communication. consider, for example, in the case of smartwatches, where we can synchronize our email account, calls and messages, music or even our GPS.

finally, In addition to providing information to the user, the wearables can also be customized. They can, for example, warn us that our beats are too high while we are exercising or that we are taking a wrong route when we Drive.


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