Purchases of technological products over the Internet have become a regular of these dates. The success of the offers and discounts that, in days like the past Black Friday or Cyber Monday, the stores (and not only the online ones) have launched through its web pages, it is witness of it.

It seems clear that over the years, we have lost the fear of shopping online and that this new form of consumption has already been installed in our Lives. And buying online brings a lot of advantages: you can select the products you need, even those that you can not find near home, and receive them where you prefer after a few days; Surely you will avoid the typical queues and agglomerations of these dates in physical stores and shopping centers and, perhaps most importantly, you can benefit from offers, discounts and great bargains that you probably won’t find anywhere else.

Buying online can be really beneficial, but the truth is that it also involves risks, so you need to take a series of precautions.

Tips on how to buy online safely

Buy on secure Web Pages. To verify the security of a Web you can look at different elements: that the address appears as Https://(instead of http), that next to this appears the icon of a closed padlock, that the page has the abbreviations SSL (“Secure Socket Layer”) or Even that it belongs to some association or group that promotes consumer Protection.
Verify that the website is known and has a good reputation. How? First of all, you must make sure that the website has a customer service and that you can contact them directly through a telephone number, a Web form or an email address. It is also usually a guarantee of trust that the page shows qualifications and experiences of users who have acquired products Previously. also, If the page has a profile on a social network it helps to see the number of followers and their comments and verify that the content is updated regularly.
Search and review the privacy policy and returns and make sure you respect the right to Desist. If it is a reliable page you will have it in a visible place and it will be updated. This factor is quite important because it will allow you to change or return the product if it is not what you expected or if it arrives deteriorated or damaged.
Give only the data you consider Necessary. If you find it strange that to make a purchase ask you some personal information: mobile, family name, date of birth… distrust! Check that you are on a secure website and if you still seem strange to avoid making the Purchase.
Check that the payment method is Secure. The consumer has the right to have the payment done in the safest way possible. Currently accepted forms to buy online are: via credit or debit card, by Bank transfer, via PayPal or Counter-refund.
Save the proof of Purchase. It is very important that you save the ticket of the online purchases that you make. And not only that, it is advisable that you also save any summary page of the transaction or any type of communication related to the purchase (in the pages that do not allow you to download a document you can do it through a screenshot).
Avoid email links and suspicious ads. In the Christmas season it is very common for hackers and cybercriminals to take advantage of the large amount of purchases with fake ADS. So if an offer seems too good to be true, the best thing is that before you compare and analyze the possibility of it being real.
Use a secure wi-Fi connection and make sure your computer is up-to-date and protected. Information packets transmitted through public connections can be easily captured by computer Criminals. It is therefore best to use a domestic Wi-Fi network or at least one known. In addition, having a good antivirus is also indispensable.


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