First of all they already passed the hangovers of the Keynote of Apple, in which it presented its three new models of IPhone, corresponding to the models Iphone XS, XR, and XS Max.

Continuity and good work, is the main summary that we can make of these terminals, but obviously there is good and bad part to tell about them.

But today, we give you our opinion on the new mobiles of Apple, potentísimas tools that come one more year to conquer the market.

In a more aggressive way that we are accustomed.

About the design
Above all if someone expected a change in design, it would be bad to remember that practically from the iphone 6 to the arrival of the iphone X.

Apple has been maintaining their designs for years.

The tenth anniversary model laid the foundation for what would be design on a smartphone in the coming years, and Apple will do nothing but some small variation in next generations.

The important thing about the iPhone is hardware and software, and here is a lot to tell.

The processors
Apple is two years ahead in terms of processors, and is that the benchmarks of the Snapdragon 855 that will take the high range Android in 2019 show.

That will be less powerful than the A11 Bionic of 2017.

Many esgrimirán that “no more power is needed”, something that we can not share, because the power is always welcome.

Above all is necessary for better aging, composed of a CPU of 6 cores, a GPU of 4 cores and a neuronal engine, Apple opens in the scene of the 7nm,

Promising a humble improvement of 15% in the CPU and a considerable 40% of energy saving.

With an Apple terminal is quite simple that a photo we get burned-as with most phones-and only Google was able a few years ago to invent a method to control this, the HDR +.

This one, takes care of making several photographs with different exposure, in a final image of high dynamic range.


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